Frugooscape Wiki


Frugooscape is a MMORPG game that allows anyone playing to be able to put in different codes to get any type of armour, boots, etc. there is in Runescape. Unlike in Runescape, raising your skill levels is much faster in Frugooscape, 3 times as fast. Now in Frugooscape, there are 2 realms. Realm number one is playing normaly without any codes or cheats. Realm number two is playing with codes and cheats. For example, in Frugooscape, to do pickup you would have to do this; ::pickup (number code) (number of the items you want),

ex; ::pickup 1050 1 That code will give you one santa hat for free, worth millions in Runescape. Frugooscape has a whole list of codes and items that Runescape has. for good codes visit runelocus and type in anything you want then type in the code.Also, you can type in ::ranarmor, which will automatically give you random armour. Which is good for people who are just starting the game, it gives them something to start with. Over time tyou can collect hundreds of items and put it ito your bank. In Runescape, a non member's bank will be worthless compared to a Frugooscape player's bank, which can be worth billions or more, for free!

FrugooScape 2020

FrugooScape is returning in 2020, we are giving it a modern approach but with the oldschool frugooscape vibes! hope you all can give it a try at